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Marry Me

Kat Valdez and Bastian are half of one of the most sexy celebrity power couples on Earth. Kat Valdez and Bastian are poised to wed in front of their friends, as “Marry Me” climbs the charts. The ceremony will be streamed across several platforms. Charlie Gilbert, a divorced math teacher at high school has been taken to the concert with Lou Debbs and Parker Debbs. Kat discovers that Bastian had cheated with her assistant seconds prior to the ceremony. Her life is turned upside down as she experiences a panic attack onstage, asking questions about love, truth and loyalty. She meets a stranger in the crowd as her world crumbles around her. In a moment filled with inspired madness, Kat decides to wed Charlie. An impulsive response becomes an unexpected relationship. As forces work to keep them apart, the question is universal: Can two people who live in such diverse worlds come together and create a home where they belong? –jesusblack-91294

Duration: 112 min


IMDb: 6.1